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Hello there! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Aysha Tayab and I’m a qualitative researcher, content writer and editor, wife, and aunt. I  own a content writing and editing business called Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing. I have an insatiable appetite for inspiration. I love approaching ideas with methods of qualitative research as a way to share stories and make an impact with words.  I’m elated to be sharing more of my writing on this platform that I like to call Cheia de Vida. Now what does Cheia de Vida actually mean? Well, read more to find out.


The Story of Cheia de Vida

IMG_4399Cheia de Vida (pronounced “shay-ah-je-vee-da”) is Brazilian Portuguese for “full of life,” which is also the meaning of my first name. The moment I encountered these words was a very meaningful one.  During the first six months of 2013, I lived in Brazil with a lovely family. When I was getting to know our landlady, she asked me what my first name meant. While I was able to answer this question in English, I was not able to do the same in Brazilian Portuguese. All I could tell her was that it was an Arabic name. When I searched for it on Google Translate, I found out that full of life  was translated to Cheia de Vida.  I  fell in love with the way this phrase sounded. It lingered with me. It still lingers with me.
Although this blog is not  focused on myself or my time in Brazil,  the name itself truly represents my intent for creating it. Cheia de Vida was and always will be a part of me just waiting to come out of my soul. The more I bring to it, the more it brings back to me.  It is through this love of words that I began to realize how important it is to keep them close to me. Writing serves as a cathartic outlet for me to express all that makes me Cheia de Vida. Such topics I will write about are in relation to my thoughts and experiences with: culture, travel, food, and health & wellness. Because I have a penchant for nostalgia and all things of the past, a great deal of the  posts are retrospective. While I do not hold a monopoly over any one of these topics, I have learned that my writing has also achieved something that I love the most, which is to help others. That in itself encompasses the very essence of my Cheia de Vida spirit. I love to be a resource to others in any way I can. Writing about these topics also invites the potential to nurture another love of mine: discussion. As you read these posts, I hope you feel encouraged to discuss the content with me and my fellow readers so that I can also learn from you. Most of all, I hope my writing inspires you to be Cheia de Vida in your own lives! Be sure to make yourself comfortable and stay awhile!

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