A Tea Drinker’s Transition to Coffee

In the beginning…

When I started to rely on caffeine, I was sure that the only beverage that would do the job would be tea. I love the taste and smell of coffee but it just made me way too jittery. I always thought I was naturally caffeinated anyway and so that was my way to cope with the loss. Luckily, I’ve now come to an age where coffee seems to agree with me. That and the fact that I’ve joined the exhilarating field of public relations. Good coffee seems to be a must. But this transition didn’t seem to happen over night.

It all started when I proclaimed myself to be a social coffee drinker in my late 20’s. I would have maybe an espresso cup full of coffee just to enjoy it for its taste. Then when I moved to Brazil, where great coffee was everywhere and the heat just made me drowsy, I had no choice but to consume coffee on a regular basis. It was the only source of caffeine that kept me awake and I enjoyed it. I thought that maybe I’d keep this habit when I moved back to Canada. However, the quality just wasn’t the same. I guess you could call me a coffee-snob. It was a title I never thought I’d carry in my life. My husband’s great taste in coffee has also brought me to this title. He takes his coffee making rituals very seriously.

What sealed the deal

During a recent trip to Toronto, we made our way to Pilot Coffee Roasters warehouse. This place was not just a warehouse, it also had an amazing tasting bar! My husband heard about the tasting flight and wanted to try it. I was just there for moral support. At first. Then after a few sips of this robust and delicious coffee, I was hooked.

The very first sip I took, it felt like I was biting into a warm blueberry muffin. I was pretty close, there was a berry note to that coffee blend known as Ana Sora. It was known to have a note of strawberry to it. It made me want to learn more about coffee and how it can have such diverse and enigmatic properties. Something else that I truly appreciated about the quality of Pilot Coffee was that it still maintained its bold taste when served as a cold brew. Something that’s great for summer and making into a fun little cocktail or mocktail. This delicious combination of cold brew Pilot coffee with a hint of orange was spectacular. I may never look at coffee the same way again.




Any cafe that sold Pilot Coffee made my ears perk up and my heart race. I would be more than likely to order a cup just to experience that combined alertness, wonderful taste, and overall excitement all over again. So you might be asking, what’s so exciting about this coffee? Isn’t it just like every cup of coffee? To me, an amateur drinker, it’s not. It was a coffee that agreed with my “naturally caffeinated” self and it was phenomenal. Anytime I drink this coffee, I always look forward to the opportunity to decipher the different tasting notes. and see whether I can pick up the exact notes marked on the label or something different.

While I still remain true to my loyal-tea toward my first caffeinated love, I am happy with my transition toward the dark (roast) side of caffeine and I’m glad that Pilot Coffee has brought me there. I feel like I have more options to try a whole different dimension of caffeine that I never explored before.

Have you tried Pilot Coffee before? If not, then I strongly recommend that you do. Share your Pilot Coffee experience in the comments below!


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  1. I haven’t but now I definitely will!

  2. You will love it!

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