Love With Your Whole Asymmetrical Heart

Love With All Your Asymmetrical Heart (1)Symmetry seems to be what we strive for in our daily lives, our relationships, and our plans for the future. It seems to dictate something perfect, something ideal.  It would be nice if everything could pan out into one perfect package. But it’s never that way.  Love seems to take the lead in our pursuit for symmetry.  And yet, the reality suggests that it’s the least of all symmetrical.

Our hearts are not anatomically designed in perfect symmetry.  But the picture we paint of it is in perfect symmetry. However, we’re not completely at fault. The media, whether social or mass media, plays a gigantic role in creating these unrealistic expectations for how love should be. Even if your love does not parallel what you see on a scripted platform, it doesn’t make your love any less beautiful.  Love, whether romantic or otherwise, is still beautiful. The most beautiful love is asymmetrical. Because it’s genuine. Even in the best attempts to make it scripted, there are bloopers. And yet those bloopers can be forgiven.

Sometimes we bicker with each other at times, because we love. Sometimes we blame ourselves for not meeting expectations, because we love. Sometimes we have expectations, because we love. Sometimes we accept all the good and all the bad, because we love. But it’s all the time that our anatomically asymmetrical hearts crave love, regardless of its shape. Aim to give love in whatever form it comes.  You can dress up your face, you can dress up your body, you can dress up your mistakes, but you cannot dress up your heart. When your heart is in the right place, beauty emits from your actions and your actions project what is moulded in your heart.

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  1. Very beautifully written and well said! When the light of our hearts shine through, all of our actions become beautiful.

  2. Thank you Anika! It’s so true, I love how you put that.

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