Why Airbnb Enhances the Travel Experience


Why AirBnb Enhances the Travel Experience

I may say that I’ve caught the travel bug. I may even say that I love travelling. But at the end of the day, there’s a part of me that wants the best of both my home world and the world I explore whilst I’m travelling. Airbnb offers that solution to have my international cake and eat it too. Here’s why myself and many other travellers wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Great Way To Stretch Your Dollar

Many people don’t travel because it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to get around that by staying with friends or family or even in a hostel.  If  you want more privacy a hostel seems a bit too hostile and you’ve grown out of that type of lifestyle, then Airbnb serves as a perfect in between solution.  I honestly don’t think my husband and I would have been able to travel the way we have in the past if it weren’t for Airbnb.  Most places offer access to a kitchen in the accommodation and this can help you save more money by buying groceries and cooking from time to time. If you don’t like to cook, you can at least save a few extra dollars by making it in your rental.

An Eco-friendly Alternative

The hefty charges  with hotel accommodations are mainly due to eco-unfriendly amenities such as laundry, daily toiletries, and housekeeping. But when you think about it, do you really need all of that on a daily basis? Do you change your bedsheets daily? Do you change your bar of soap daily? Probably not. With the money you’ve saved, you can definitely spare a few dollars to buy travel sized toiletries. Some Airbnb hosts will provide you with communal toiletries such as body wash and shampoo. Rentals with laundry facilities are great ways t

A True Cultural Immersion

AirBnb’s signature slogan is: belong anywhere.  With Airbnb, you get to feel like a local. Even for just for a little while.   It is gloriously exciting to feel like you have a temporary home and a neighbourhood in a foreign city. Most hotels or hostels become a place to start and end your day. But many Airbnb accommodations can be such welcoming places for everything in between your day.  Airbnb rentals give  you the chance to see the slight variations in the way people live. I found it  interesting to do cross-cultural comparisons of homes in terms of their laundry facilities or kitchens. I’ve gathered some interesting findings and I hope to  collect more data in the future!

Semi-customized accommodations

Unlike hotel rooms, you will never stay in a room or apartment as someone else.  You will never get the same advice that 500 people in a hotel are getting from the same concierge. If you have a hospitable host, you’ll be left with guide books and personalized recommendations of where to eat, what to see, and best modes of transportation. You won’t be eating from the same breakfast buffet  that’s been constantly picked over. Instead, you can make your own breakfast from local fresh fruits from a nearby farmer’s market, fresh baked bread in your neighbourhood, and even some extra items in your host’s accommodation that you may not keep in your own home.


To me, one of the most annoying parts of staying in a hotel  is the strict breakfast schedule! Although I’ve never been one to really sleep in, I’ve also never been one to rush to have breakfast. But if I’m on vacation, I like to be able to wake up at my leisure and then gradually make my way to  have breakfast. On the other hand, if you need to be awake early for a  flight or a business meeting, you can still have breakfast in your accommodation.

Hotels can be  wonderfully luxurious places if you they suit your lifestyle and budget. But if you  want something different, something that becomes a part of your travel memories, then I would highly recommend Airbnb.

Have you ever rented with Airbnb? If so, then  I’d love to read about your experiences.  Share the love in the comments below!

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