Embracing the Post-Ramadan Blues

Embracing those post Ramadan blues


One week has passed since Ramadan ended and I miss it already.  I even missed it as it was making its way out the door. Many of you who observed this blessed month share these same sentiments. Sure, it’s great to be able to eat during the day again and not think twice before taking a sip of water. Sure, it’s great to have more energy and more sleep. But deep inside, I always felt that this was the best time of year. And as time was passing, so was Ramadan.  Sadness is not always a negative emotion. It can be seen as  a symptom of gratitude for all that was gained and even lost during those moments. Embracing those post Ramadan blues can help  transform those feelings into something that can help you make the next Ramadan even more special.

The time to feel more connected with God and fellow community members left a feeling that no amount of food or sleep could provide. The void in my stomach was replaced by the hearty spiritual sustenance that continuously filled my soul. This world can be pretty lonely at times and the mere act of going through something together and supporting one another on a daily basis is indeed powerful. Believing that the gates of heaven were wide open and that the weight of every good deed was multiplied by 70 was more than reason enough to keep moving forward with each passing day.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the reflections that arise from this month. I have noticed from myself and many other Muslims that there is an endless supply of reflections. It’s almost like a fountain. For as long as the waters of faith continue to flow, so will those reflections. They will just keep flowing and replenishing, taking on a new form every time while using the same medium.  That opportunity to learn from yourself and those around you is just beautiful.

As Ramadan makes its way out the door, many of us try to keep its spirit alive. And why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t we stay connected with our communities who remind us to be closer to God? Why shouldn’t we still keep doing those good deeds? Just because they may not weigh as much, doesn’t mean the extra effort is any less valuable.  Sometimes guests leave items behind.Whether those items are  physical, mental, or spiritual, their remnants leave behind footprints of their presence. In the case of Ramadan, maybe this dear guest left you with an unfinished Quran to read, or those days of fasting that need to be made up, or better yet, the desire to fast just for the sole purpose of getting closer to God. These  footprints  Ramadan left behind  were hopefully left in wet cement.  Because following these footprints is what can lead you down the Sirat al Mustaqim, the straight path.

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